At each appointment the patient is given enough medication with refills to last until the next appointment. Appointments are scheduled for every 3 months unless otherwise suggested. Psychotropic medication, medication which affects mood and/or behavior, is very powerful medication and in order to make sure that the patient is benefiting and not experiencing adverse effects, as well as closely monitoring mood and behavior, as the case may be, the schedule of 3 month appointments is recommended. If the patient chooses not follow up every 3 months, a referral can be made to another physician. 

As stated above, the patient is given enough medication to last until the next appointment. However, if a refill is needed prior to the next appointment please make the request during business hours and I will do my best to refill as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the patient or parent to monitor quantity of medication and to avoid needing a refill yesterday. 

Stimulant prescriptions used in the treatment of ADHD and ADD require a new prescription each month and are controlled substances. Once these prescriptions are given at the time of the appointment, I will not replace or substitute them until the time of the next appointment. It is the responsibility of the patient or parent of the patient to make sure that these and all prescriptions are in a safe and secure location. I do not write prescriptions for medications given to you by other physicians, e.g. pain medications, non-psychotropic medications. 

My practice is limited to part-time, school hours. I do provide some after school appointment times but these times are limited. Although I am in the office during these limited hours, my established patients are given my cell phone number so I am always available at the very least, by telephone. Again, I return calls as promptly as time and schedule permit.

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